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Contact Names and Phone Numbers:

Members of XIOPM OSA/SPIE Student Chapter:

  • Mrs. Zhang         Phone:(+86)029 88856862      E-mail:zhangwenopt@opt.ac.cn

  • Dr Pan               Phone: (+86)18829526120      E-mail:panan@opt.cn

  • Dr Lu                 Phone: (+86)15929302706      E-mail:luzhizhou2015@opt.cn

  • Mr Zhou             Phone:(+86)18740479807       E-mail:727080279@qq.com

  • Ms Zhang          Phone:(+86)15129205667       E-mail:zhangyan2015@opt.cn

Members of NJU Student Chapter of OSA:

  • Liyuan Long      Phone:(+86)18252023268       E-mail:384494011@qq.com

  • Kang Wang       Phone:(+86)18252061263       E-mail:kwang@smail.nju.edu.cn

  • Hongqian Cao   Phone:(+86)18805150200       E-mail:caohq_hit@163.com

  • Lina Qian          Phone:(+86)15050580887       E-mail:997907002@qq.com

  • Shaowei Yin     Phone:(+86)18051013606         E-mail:ysw_2012@foxmail.com


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