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Katarina Svanberg

Director of Lund University Medical Laser Centre;Former Chairman of SPIE;Winner of National Institute of Health Pioneer Lifetime Award.

        Katarina Svanberg started her research career by studying laser light interaction in biological tissue. Her PhD thesis in Medical Science presented pre-clinical research work within experimental photodynamic therapy and tissue spectroscopy. The post doc research activity has been focused on clinical application of the pre-clinical achievements. Dr. Svanberg has been active as an invited speaker in more than 100 international scientific conferences. She has 175 peer-reviewed scientific papers and is the co-author of 20 scientific review papers. Katarina Svanberg has combined her clinical activity with research work and thus been able to introduce a new cancer treatment modality in Oncology (Photodynamic Therapy) at the Lund University Hospital. The validation of the new modality was presented after performing two different randomized clinical studies at the hospital. She has been a key person in the collaboration in between several clinics and departments at the Lund University Hospital in introducing and applying laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for early tumor detection. Dr. Svanberg has been instrumental in bringing out this clinical research work to several other countries within scientific networks, including many countries in Europe, Africa and the US. Dr. Svanberg is a board member of Lund Laser Centre since 1993. Since 1991 she is also a board member of Lund University Medical Laser Centre, in which she now is the director. Dr. Svanberg is also listed as a principal investigator in a new programme within National Institute of Health, Rockville. She is a deputy Lund coordinator within a EU-project for laser application in medicine, in which programme industrial as well as scientific partners collaborate. In addition, she is an appointed distinguished professor at South China Normal University in Guangzhou. Dr. Svanberg was appointed as one of the Directors in the Board for the International Society of Optical Engineering, USA in 2004 and during the period 2009 – 2012 she was in the presidential chain and served as the SPIE President in 2011. In 2015 she was awarded the National Institute of Health (NIH) Pioneer Lifetime Award in Biophotonics.


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Some medical challenges addressed by laser spectoscopy